FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have any stores?
Of course, Milano Bedding collections are available directly on Milano Bedding Store and in the best furniture retailers that have embraced the "quality without compromise" philosophy which has always characterised our brand.

Who is the manufacturer of this products?
Milano Bedding collections are exclusively manufactured in our facility located in Desio (Northern Italy) and endure complete and direct inspections on every qualitative aspect, from structures to mechanisms, from mattresses to quilts, from the tailoring of covers to the Quality Control.

I have problems in displaying correctly the portal, what can I do?
We know that Explorer 7 has some problems displaying our website, to prevent them you can update your browser with the most recent version. Our staff daily works with the most popular web browsers as Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
The two browsers we recommend are Google Chrome (light, fast and very comfortable for a multiple tabs browsing), and Mozilla Firefox (extremely complete, perfect websites display, feed reader included).
Milano Bedding store perfectly works with iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android too.


Product Card, Prices, Quote and Purchase

What is the meaning of the amounts stated in the Configuration Menu options?
The amounts you can view inside the Options of the Menu indicate the list price surcharge for the selected option; by clicking on the "View Price" button the product will be added to the Quote which in turn will show the Discounted Price.

Where can I find Prices?
In order to view the Price you can configure each product according to your needs and then click on the green "View Price" button. In this way you will have access to the Quote page which will clearly show all prices.

How can I evaluate colour and material Samples?
The material samples of fabric, leather and eco-leather displayed in the Milano Bedding store correspond to the real ones in terms of the visual output of textures and colours.
In spite of our strong commitment and systematic procedure for the optimal output of our digital samples we need to stress the fact that the final result can be influenced by different circumstances, easily handled thanks to the following suggestions:
- check that your monitor has factory settings in order to reduce the possibility of a modified vision;
- check that there aren't direct lights on the screen;
- we suggest you to slightly "move" in front of the monitor in order to verify how the colour changes according to the position of the eyes (our technicians calibrate the colours for a frontal vision);
- every colour applied on a sample will be perceived slightly darker used on little surfaces: it's probable that delivered products (obviously bigger than the sample) can result lighter compared to the viewed sample; this optical effect is slight and very common among people;
- every glossy material can appear lighter than the matt one because of the different light refraction: the darker is the colour, the more evident is the difference;
- the colour and texture of every natural material (wood, leather, stone, ...) depend on the variable nature of the processes and factors involved in the production of the material itself.

If you need assistance in choosing the cover, please write an email to our Customer Service including your telephone number, and our staff will contact you to advise you on materials and colours.

What kind of assistance do you offer?
Our Customer Care staff offers free product/environment assistance: you just need to contact us to have more technical information on products and materials, assembling classifications, suggestions regarding chromatic combinations and sizes. Customer Care can be reached via email.

Is there a standard to define the products side?
In our field, the standard is to be intended by "placing yourself in front of the product".
Thus, personal interpretation is not taken into account: it is true that for a sofa or bed, the right or left side can be also considered by "sitting on them", however the majority of furniture manufacturers and interior designers use the standard "frontal vision".


Payments and VAT

How can I know if my bank transfer has been received?
You can verify the status of your orders just by logging into your Account: if the order is marked as "Waiting for bank transfer notification" it means our bank is still waiting to receive the transfer (usually it takes 2-3 days). Once the bank transfer has been received the status will change to "In Production".

What kind of fiscal documentation do you issue?
Every payment received is invoiced by diotti.com s.r.l. located in Lentate sul Seveso (VAT nr 06217660965) accordingly to the regulations in force. The invoice is issued once the payment is notified and it is then electronically sent to Italian Revenue Agency Exchange System and to the customer in pdf by email.

Can I change the invoicing data?
The invoicing data you have indicated during the order can be modified only until the invoice has been issued. Starting January the 1st, 2019 electronic invoices are mandatory in Italy and for this reason the invoice will be immediately transmitted to Italian Revenue Agency Exchange System (SDI).

The prices indicated include VAT?
By selecting the options of the desired product and by clicking on "View Price" you are shown the discounted Total Amount VAT included; for particular cases due to the invoicing data and the country of destination, VAT and taxes are not added, and in the Quote you'll see the Total VAT excluded.

We are a firm from the EU, how do you manage intra-community VAT?
Companies from the EU (and outside Italy) can make VAT free purchases; to view the Total Amount VAT excluded you'll have to register your company on our website including your VAT number, and send an email to request the activation of your account to our Customer Service. Our Staff will verify your data and will send you an email to confirm that your account has been activated; by browsing our website while logged into your company account you'll be able to view all the prices VAT excluded in the Quote page.



What can I do if I don't receive any email notification after the order?
In extremely rare cases the email of your order can be considered spam by the email system or can be blocked by some postmasters. If you do not receive any email notification please contact our Customer Care team that will forward you the email again.

Why do I have to indicate Birth Date and Place to place an order?
While placing the order you will be asked to write either a Fiscal Code if you are resident in Italy or your birth date and place if you are a foreign customer in order to correctly issue the invoice at the moment of the payment. Milano Bedding Store issues a regular sales invoice for all payments received and electronically sends them to the Italian Revenue Exchange System. We do want to reassure our customers that:
- all collected pieces of information (name, surname, birth date and place, total amount) will be transmitted solely to the Italian Revenue Agency (which in any case will only survey them if they belong to Italian citizens);
- each supply is invoiced according to the current regulations (meaning that for most Countries this will follow the Italian billing system, whereas for France, German and United Kingdom fiscal obligations will be handled directly by their respective countries, meeting the Community regulation which refers to trades inside the EU).

Can I order a product for a house/room that is going to be ready in the next few months?
By proceeding with an order you can freeze the items price, in this way you won't be facing possible price increases. After paying the deposit you can communicate us an estimated suitable date, and our staff will manage your order according to your requests. We'll then contact you approaching the chosen date, and in the case your house/room will not be ready yet, we can postpone the date again within certain limits.

Can I change my order?
Order changes are guaranteed as long as the purchased items production has not started yet.
The production starts once the payment has been received. After that, you can still request our Customer Service to have your order modified, but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible: the feasibility of the modifications depends in fact on the progress of the production process.

How should I interpret the Lead Times shown in the product cards?
The products Lead Time is around 5 working weeks if you choose to Pick them up at the Warehouse of our Partner Retailers and around 6 weeks for the Deliveries at Ground Floor (outside the building). All our products are highly customizable and tailor made on order.
Lead Times have to be considered an estimate based on data from our previous supplies: we're constantly working to fulfil all waiting times, but at the same time we do not take responsibility for delays which do not depend on our procedures (delays in the availability of specific cover materials, transport delays and holidays).
Please also remind that all production processes and deliveries planned next to Christmas or Summer holidays can be significantly delayed due to the closing periods of both our factory and logistic partners.

On which products can I exercise the right of withdrawal?
Customers have the right to terminate a distance contract, without penalties and without giving reason, within a 14 days period starting from the delivery day. Customers can not exercise their right of withdrawal on orders regarding custom-made products or not prefabricated products, manufactured according to a specific Customer's choice.
Thus, it is important for us to point out that every item belonging to Milano Bedding brand is manufactured according to the individual choices of the customer: for this reason, the Right of Withdrawal can not be exercised on any of the orders submitted on Milano Bedding store (with the exception of particular "outlet" products).
Our Customer Care is available for further information.


Shipping and Delivery

Can I change the delivery address?
For the orders already "Into Production" unfortunately it is not possible to change the delivery address.

How is the delivery day planned?
As soon as the supply is available at warehouse Milano Bedding informs the Customer who, in turn, confirms and authorizes the shipment with the first available load, at this stage he can also indicate in advance possible specific needs.
Once the supply has been taken in charge by the carrier Milano Bedding sends an email to the Customer confirming the shipment (loads leave the warehouse from 1 to 5 days after the Customer's confirmation).
The carrier will contact the Customer by telephone at the number provided when placing the order, usually the day before the one planned for the delivery, and informs about the date and approximate time of arrival. Deliveries are not on appointment, the Customer's availability is taken in consideration in line with the carrier's delivery plan.

What do you mean by Ground Floor Delivery?
"Ground floor" means that products are delivered as near as possible to the entrance gate of the building, up to the nearest point that can be reached by the truck used for the delivery.
For large products that are classified as "Assembled Product", Customers are required to help the driver unload the packages from the truck and, according to the size and weight of the purchased products, to put at disposal other people at the moment of delivery.